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Choosing Hormonal Contraception for your Contraceptive Needs

Aug 4, 2015

Hormonal contraception is an ideal solution for many women seeking birth control that fits with their lifestyle needs. When it comes to choosing the best birth control, there are many options now available to select from. However by understanding the basics of hormonal contraception, it is possible to decide whether or not this is the best option for your needs.

Understanding hormonal contraception

Hormonal contraception affects the endocrine system and is comprised of steroid hormones that work to prevent pregnancy. Although extremely effective at preventing pregnancy, no birth control method is 100% effective except for abstinence. However when used consistently, women can enjoy an excellent source of contraception and continued peace of mind.

Types of hormonal contraception

There are many different types of hormonal contraception options which women can choose from. It is helpful to become cognizant of the various choices so that the right selection can be made for one’s contraceptive needs.

Oral contraception (The Pill) – One of the most popular types of hormonal contraception is known as “the pill”. This type of contraception is taken orally and must be used consistently for optimal results. The pill must be taken every single day at around the same time and if a dosage is missed, there is the potential of becoming pregnant. In the event of intercourse after a missed period, a woman can consult with her doctor to discuss her available options.

Depo Provera – Depo Provera is another type of hormonal contraceptive that many women select. When it comes to the available methods of hormonal contraception, Depo Provera is often chosen due to its ability to work with up to 99% effectiveness. This is not taken orally but is instead injected by a physician. It is the only hormonal contraception that is currently available as an injection which is administered once every 3 months. This delays ovulation for up to one year and is very effective at preventing pregnancy.

The Patch – The Patch is another type of hormonal contraception that is up to 99% effective. This option is often chosen because of its convenience and high level of safety. A prescription is required for this option and it does not prevent STDs.

NuvaRing – NuvaRing is greater than 99% effective and provides women with protection against becoming pregnant. It is left in for three weeks and then removed during week 4.

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, we provide many different options for hormonal contraception. Contact us to schedule a consultation to choose the type of contraception that is best for your needs.