College Park Abortion: Your Guide to Safe and Confidential Care

College Park Abortion.

Welcome to Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic in College Park, MD. We’re the leading abortion clinic for patients from College Park and nearby places. We are here to render the highest-quality assistance in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you need abortion services, gynecological care, or family planning options, we will be with you compassionately.

College Park Abortion: Safe & Confidential Abortion Options

An unwanted pregnancy can be overwhelming. We offer confidential, discreet abortion services set in a protected environment. Our experienced health professionals are always available to provide the best care and unmatched support during this delicate time.

College Park Abortion: Our Services

Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill):

This non-invasive technique, also known as medical or home abortion, works up to 10 weeks (70 days) after the last menstrual period (LMP).

Surgical Abortion (D&C):

This gentle surgical procedure is performed for up to 17 weeks and ensures all women’s needs are met.

VIP Abortion Service:

Our VIP service is privacy-enhanced. This service offers an increased level of privacy to prioritize your needs and wants.

College Park Abortion: Real Abortion Clinic, Reputable Providers

As a genuine abortion clinic with reliable providers for compassionate women’s healthcare, Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic stands out. It is important to distinguish between legitimate healthcare providers such as us and fake clinics like Crisis Pregnancy Centers. By choosing Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, you can be sure of getting quality care from qualified personnel.

Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic will empower you through confidential, safe, and caring abortion services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take control of your reproductive health journey.

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