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Exploring Sterilization for Women

Jul 13, 2015

The decision to receive tubal implant sterilization is a major choice that should be made after lengthy introspection. This permanent procedure prevents pregnancy in women after the fallopian tubes receive implants to prevent pregnancy.

What is tubal implant sterilization?

Tubal implant sterilization describes a procedure where a spring is placed in each fallopian tube in order to block them without the need for surgery. The spring is guided through the cervix where it is positioned and placed inside each of the fallopian tubes. Once the spring has been placed, scar tissue grows around it creating a blockage which prevents pregnancy.

How does it work?

When the springs are placed within each fallopian tube, scar tissue grows around it and permanently blocks the tube. This prevents an egg from travelling from the ovaries to the tubes where they would be fertilized by sperm. Prior to the procedure, the cervix is dilated to open it slightly in order to minimize any potential injury to the cervix.

What to expect from the procedure

During the actual procedure, the patient is positioned as they would be in a pelvic exam. A thin catheter is inserted through the cervix and guided into the fallopian tube one at a time. The implants are placed and then the procedure is completed. The entire visit takes ten minutes or less and doesn’t require any surgery or anesthesia.

After effects of the procedure can include mild, menstrual like cramping. Some patients also experience slight vaginal bleeding which typically subsides shortly after. Backup methods of birth control are recommended for up to three months.

Who should consider tubal implant sterilization?

Good candidates for this procedure are women who have had the amount of children they feel comfortable with and do not desire a larger family size. It is important to speak carefully with one’s partner in order to determine which choice is best for both the individual, their partner, and their family.

It is important to remember that this is a permanent form of birth control and so the decision should be weighed carefully. At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, we are here to discuss your options and provide the information you can use to make the decision that is best for you and your family.