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Pregnant? Now what do I do?

Pregnant? Now What Do You Do?

Dec 12, 2018

Even before taking a pregnancy test bought at a local drugstore, many women have already made their mind up whether or not they’ll have an abortion.

Once they have confirmation of a positive pregnancy test, they’ll want to move quickly as possible. What they need to find out — “How early can I get an abortion?

Metropolitan Family Planning Clinics offer abortion care services to women starting as early as 4 weeks into a pregnancy. That is usually the earliest we can see the pregnancy on a sonogram to verify the estimated gestational age.

When you are early into a pregnancy, you have TWO OPTIONS for abortion. If you are 10 weeks pregnant or less, you can choose to have a Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill).  This is a non-invasive, medication based, method for early pregnancy termination of unplanned pregnancy. It is an early option method, which can be preformed up to 10 weeks (63 days) of gestational age with success rates of 92-95%.

For some women, this option feels the most “natural” to them. The process takes place over a few days, and requires you to be able to take time off of work and have a support person with you during your abortion.

Step 1: You will be given 200mg of Mifepristone (abortion pill) to take in our office.
Step 2: 24-48 hours later you will take 4 tablets (800 mcg) of Misoprostol (Cytotec) at home by placing them under your tongue (sublinguall) for 30 minutes.
Step 3: You will return to our clinic in 2-5 days for initial follow-up and sonogram.
Step 4: You will return to our clinic in 2 weeks for your final follow-up sonogram and contraceptive counseling.

If you would rather have an in-office procedure, we can still offer that to you as early as 4 weeks into the pregnancy. This procedure is called an early surgical abortion (Dilation and Curettage). Our safe and gentle surgical procedure is available up to 17 weeks of gestation. Our unique approach to cervical preparation prior to the procedure has given us the ability to minimize painful instrumentation and cervical dilation. It also gives us the ability to provide SAME DAY procedures up to 17 weeks.

Step 1: After about 30-60 minutes, we will call you to the procedure room where you will be asked to undress from the waist down.
Step 2: If you have elected to have Conscious Sedation, it will be administered at this time by one of our physicians.
Step 3: The physician will perform a pelvic and speculum exam.
Step 4: Betadine, an antiseptic, will then be used to cleanse the cervix.

  • It is important to let our staff know if you have an allergy to betadine or Iodine or other antiseptic agents.
Step 5: Next the physician will inject a local paracervical anesthetic block. This is done to help reduce pain during your procedure.

  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to inform our staff and physician if you have an allergy to any anesthetic or have had any allergic reaction to anesthesia in the past.
  • Most severe and sometimes FATAL complications during the procedure are as a result of allergy to anesthetic medications and NOT the procedure itself.
Step 6: After a few minutes have passed, we will perform the procedure using only vacuum aspiration and a plastic cannula.
Step 7: The actual procedure time is extremely short, usually no longer then 2-5 minutes.
Step 8: You will experience cramps like those of a normal period, which will subside shortly after the procedure has been completed. This cramping sensation, while uncomfortable, is the body’s natural way of preventing excessive bleeding.
Step 9: After the procedure you will continue to lie down until one of our medical staff helps you to get dressed. If you are having any dizziness or light-headedness please continue to lie down until it has resolved.


At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinics we can help you determine which procedure is best for you. And, as always, if you are feeling unsure of your decision and need help sorting through the feelings that may come from finding out you are pregnant at a less than ideal time, call us. We can offer you resources and counseling for free. We are here for you.