#RealClinics versus #FakeClinics

How to tell the difference – #RealClinics versus #FakeClinics

If you’re doing a general search for ‘abortion clinics’ on Google or Yahoo/Bing the first thing you’ll see — is a list of paid ads at the top of the page. Some of the ads will say they offer pregnancy testing and/or ultrasound. BE CAREFUL!

If you or a friend/family member become pregnant and have made the decision to terminate the pregnancy, find #RealClinics (abortion clinics) that truly offer compassionate, safe abortion services. Stay clear of #FakeClinics often called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC).

How do you find #RealClinics?

Read the Google/Yahoo/Bing search listings very careful. They should state that they are an abortion clinic. Check out their website for a list of  abortion services like the Abortion Pill (medical abortion) and/or surgical abortions.

Read their About Us page, fees, and view images of their center. If the location is reasonably close to you, call them or request an appointment online if their website has that feature.
You can also search for real abortion clinics on an abortion directory that lists reputable abortion providers nationwide. Go to, search by State and then city to find one closest to you. The Abortion Clinics Online directory also lists reputable abortion clinics by the services they offer. So if you’re looking to have an abortion by a Female Physician you can search the directory for one.

The directory lists ‘paid’ providers that are well-known and reputable. Not all abortion providers or clinics will be listed here if they choose not to be.

Why you should avoid #FakeClinics?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers give out false information about your pregnancy and abortion. They capitalize on the fear and vulnerability of women considering abortion, and pressure them into a decision with life-altering consequences.

Anti-choice groups argue that crisis pregnancy centers offer a viable alternative to abortion. Yet research consistently shows that they offer FALSE, and even potentially harmful information. Women visiting these centers are told that birth control doesn’t work, that abortion will send them to Hell, and that having sex outside of marriage renders them damaged goods. These centers are sneaky and aggressive.

The problem is that fake abortion clinics shamelessly lie. They present themselves as abortion providers, or as a place to get a free pregnancy test or ultrasound. Vulnerable women that visit them, are subjected to abuse, lies, shaming, and discouraged from having an abortion.

Here’s what you need to ASK #FakeClinics:

  • Ask for information about the medical staff
  • Ask about their abortion procedures
  • Ask about abortion funding, financial assistance
  • Ask about abortion fees

What you’ll get at #FakeClinics

  • Heavy emphasis on faith
  • Spoken to as if you’re an unintelligent child
  • No information about abortion procedures, insurance, or abortion funding.
  • Ghastly photos and/or video of allegedly aborted fetuses.
  • Referring to fetuses as “babies.”
  • Guilt. Fear. Sorrow.

Remember, it is your BODY. It should be your CHOICE.

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic we know it’s a difficult decision. We are a REAL CLNIC that has trained medical staff that will offer you information about abortion, the procedures, before and after, abortion fees, and whether or not you qualify for financial assistance.#RealClinics badge - we are not a #FakeClinic

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