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What Contraceptive Services Are Currently Available to Women?

Sep 16, 2016

Be aware of how many and what contraceptive services are currently available to women in your area.

Whether you are a young adult seeking to avoid pregnancy or a married woman who is not yet ready to have children, getting the right contraceptive services is of the utmost importance for every woman. With an understanding of the available options, women can make the best decisions for their reproductive health and for the future of their families.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception

LARC or Long Acting Reversible Contraception describes contraception that is available to prevent pregnancy for a long period of time. These non-permanent methods are very effective at preventing pregnancy for months and even years. If you are looking to prevent pregnancy without sterilization, then these options may be well suited to your needs. Some Long Acting and Reversible Contraception options available include Mirena, ParaGard, Nexplanon, Skyla, and many more.

Hormonal Contraceptives

When you are seeking the best contraception services, you may want to look into hormonal contraception. These types of contraceptives use female hormones to prevent ovulation. Since ovulation is an integral part of the process of becoming pregnant it has proven to be an effective way to delay pregnancy. The pill and other options such as Depo Provera and NuvaRing utilize female hormones to help the woman avoid becoming pregnant. The patch is another option that women can utilize to prevent pregnancy. It is more than 99% effective and is both safe and convenient.

Non-Hormonal Methods

For women seeking alternate ways besides hormones, there are a variety of different options available. These include the male and female condom, the Diaphragm, spermicide, and the Cervical Cap. Women can also consider sterilization as a permanent way to avoid pregnancy. Women considering sterilization should think carefully prior to making this decision as it is for the rest of their life.

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, we offer a variety of different contraceptive services for women of all ages. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.