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Fees at Metropolitan Family Planning abortion clinic.


Affordable fees available to women in the DC metro area at our Maryland clinics.

Our fees are affordable for women throughout the DC metro area and the surrounding locations. When you select one of our three clinics, there are many affordable solutions available.

Fees for abortion services

We offer affordable fees for abortion services provided at our clinic. Our staff will provide you with an explanation of the fees and estimate each fee depending on your last menstrual period as well as additional medical considerations. Fees may vary depending on the sonogram exam that is provided in our offices, past medical history, past surgical history, and your physical exam.

Abortion Fees Include:

The abortion fees are included in the costs associated with performing the abortion, such as basic lab work, sonogram, medications if have a medical abortion, local anesthesia, and prophylactic antibiotics for a surgical abortion.

All follow up exams are also included with your fee, whether we are providing a surgical or medical abortion.

What is not included in abortion fees:

The services not included in abortion fees are RhoGam injections, which are required in the event that your blood type is Rh factor negative. Twilight sedation is also not included in abortion fees.

Consult with one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members about which fees are applicable to the services provided to you. All fees are due at the time of the appointment, prior to abortion services being rendered. We accept only cash or credit card. We do not accept checks or money orders.

Gynecologic Services Fees:

We accept many different types of health insurance, so kindly contact our office to find out whether or not we take your insurance.

Please contact the office nearest you for fees associated with the gynecological services we provide.