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Doulas - emotional, physical and spiritual support

Pro-choice Doulas offer emotional, physical, spiritual and abortion support

Sep 28, 2017

“Doula” comes from a Greek term meaning “a woman who helps.” Pro-choice Doulas are trained in the medical aspects of abortion care and reproductive health along with diversity awareness, professionalism and ethics, and emotional, spiritual,and physical support techniques.

They believe that all people should have access to the information, support, and resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding their reproductive health and well-being. Often people are faced with medical situations that may be uncomfortable, stigmatizing, tragic, or frightening. Access to non-judgmental support, like the care offered by doulas, benefits people by equipping them with pain management tools, emotional support, and information about their pregnancies, bodies, and procedures.

Pro-choice Doulas not only work with patients to make them feel as SAFE and physically COMFORTABLE as possible, they also help to validate the client’s experiences and choices on the client’s terms.

They are not medical providers, as midwives are.

Currently we are not working with Doulas at Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, but if you contact us and ask us to look into this service in our area, we will see what we can do.

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