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Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic Serving Rockville, MD

Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic provides family planning and confidential abortion services to patients in Rockville, MD and the nearby areas. At our clinic, we offer premier care to women in need of gynecological care and safe family planning services. We understand that, when you are selecting a physician, you want to feel that you are in an environment where you will be listened to and your needs will be met. We are pleased to provide warm and compassionate care in a welcoming setting.

Discreet Abortion Options

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, we offer discreet abortion services that are safe and provided by experienced professionals. We are aware of the sensitive nature of your needs and we are committed to providing you with the options you need to make the best choice. As one of the most confidential abortion clinics, we are committed to offering access to helpful information about abortion, so that you can decide whether it is the best option for you.

Family Planning Services

When you are planning ahead for the future, it helps to know what your options are. We offer safe and effective contraceptive solutions, and we provide as much information as possible to help you choose the option best suited to your family planning goals. We are focused on ensuring the optimal health of our patients while providing them with safe birth control solutions.

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