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Working With A Confidential Abortion Clinic

Apr 1, 2015

Abortion can be a sensitive topic among families and within communities. Many people have differing opinions on a woman’s right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. In order to avoid unwanted intrusion into private matters, it is best to find a confidential abortion clinic. At a confidential abortion clinic, a woman can be cared for discreetly without worry or concern for their privacy being intruded upon.

Keeping Records Confidential

Abortion clinics maintain private records and keep medical histories and abortion records completely confidential. Information on each patient is only used for medical purposes, patient treatment, and for billing. Medical information at a confidential abortion clinic will only be used to treat each patient while providing them with the best possible care.

When Information Is Disclosed

There are very rare cases when a patient’s information is disclosed and this is usually only in the case of an emergency. In this situation, a family member will be notified to provide assistance. In addition, alternate health care facilities and institutions will be notified to allow them to provide the best possible care. Other rare occasions include if a subpoena is given to the medical office to request information in a legal situation. Other than these extreme circumstances, the information on file for each patient will remain strictly undisclosed at a confidential abortion clinic.

Personalized care and attention

Taking care when selecting an abortion clinic will guarantee that the individual receives the best personalized care and attention. A warm and friendly staff will offer guidance and assistance with scheduling, counseling, and post abortion follow up services. From providing the initial pregnancy test, to calling and checking up on each patient after their procedure, a confidential abortion clinic will provide the comprehensive services that are needed.

Privacy & security

Abortion is a very personal experience, and it should be handled with privacy and security. A woman has a right to keep the procedure private and she should have the confidence in her care providers to know that her needs will be fully attended to. Opting to have the abortion at a confidential abortion clinic is the best option for women seeking privacy.

We are pleased to offer our services as a confidential abortion clinic meeting the privacy needs of our patients with compassion, honor, and complete regard for their needs. For more information about Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, contact us today.