Medical vs Surgical Abortions: A Complete Guide

We comprehend that an accidental pregnancy can be mentally challenging and personal at the Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic. This is why we strive to provide caring services to women all over Maryland. One of the choices you might have to make is between medical and surgical abortion procedures. In this article, we will discuss the dissimilarities as well as the pros and cons of both methods so that you can be able to make an informed choice.

Medical vs Surgical Abortions: What is a Medical Abortion?

Method: Also known as the abortion pill, it requires one to take some drugs in order to terminate a pregnancy. Normally, these pills are taken over several days i.e., mifepristone followed by misoprostol.


  • Non-invasive: It does not require surgery hence considered less invasive than others.
  • Privacy: Sometimes, this procedure may be done within one’s own house or residence where they feel comfortable enough.
  • Early Termination: The health abortion can be performed much earlier in the gestation period, usually up until 10 weeks of conception.


  • Time Consuming – It can take some days before it completes; even more with heavier bleeding and cramping compared to surgical type
  • Need follow-up appointments – You have to keep going back just to confirm whether everything went on well during treatment.

Medical vs Surgical Abortions: Surgical Abortion Technique

Method: A process of removing the fetus from the uterus by an operation called surgical abortion, which may involve aspiration or dilation & evacuation (D&E).


  • Quick – In most cases, it takes a shorter time than medicines-induced
  • Immediate Completion – Pregnancies are terminated there and then
  • Reduced Risk of Incomplete Abortion – The possibility of incomplete abortions occurring after using this method is lower when compared with pills taken orally alone or inserted through the vagina.


  • Invasive – Needing medical intervention; thus more intrusive compared to swallowing drugs
  • Must Visit Clinic – Unlike taking medicine at home, this one requires going physically to either the hospital or clinic.

Medical vs Surgical Abortions: Selecting The Right Choice For You

In a nutshell, deciding between medical and surgical abortion methods is an individual matter that depends on various factors such as:

  • personal situation, preference, or even past illness history.
  • Our team of experts, who have worked for many years in the field, understands this better than anyone else does, so don’t worry. We will always be here with you on your journey towards making the best decision for yourself.


Whenever you may need it, whether medically induced or not, Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic will always offer top-quality service provision coupled with emotional support. Our dedicated staff members recognize the importance of giving women options when dealing with matters related to their bodies; therefore, if there’s anything bothering your mind concerning these issues, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Your happiness means everything.

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic, our aim is empowering females and ensuring safe compassionate care for all people seeking reproductive health services. Thank you very much for considering partnering with us during your healthcare expedition.

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