Private Abortion Services with Enhanced Privacy

We understand how important it is for some of our patients to receive very private abortion services with enhanced privacy — one-on-one care after regular business hours.

At Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic we will cater fully to YOUR privacy needs during this time so you feel 100% at ease.

Private abortion services are available for patients in Rockville and Silver Spring, Maryland, and in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. We’ll answer any questions you may have about enhanced privacy abortion care at our clinics.

If you’re uncomfortable or your schedule prevents you from coming into our office during normal business hours, you can visit us after hours for a private visit.

The VIP / Private Abortion Services or “Closed Office” abortions at our clinics mean that our caring staff and our doctor will be exclusively there to care for you.

Our private abortion services with enhanced privacy are available upon request — special arrangements need to be made in advance.

There is an additional fee for after hours appointments for the more private “Closed Office” experience.

Please contact our office for prices and scheduling. We know that discretion, empathy, 100% confidentiality and scheduling constraints are very important concerns for many women who are thinking about having an abortion.

In keeping with these critical priorities, we will provide special arrangements that are tailored to your individual needs. We are proud to offer Private Abortion Services with enhanced privacy.

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